Designs From the Hart

Designs From the Hart
Designer patchwork and customized T-shirt quilts
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A Little History

I made my first quilt when I was 14 years old. It fit my full-size bed and had ruffles. It was great! It had taken me more than six months to make, but it was mine. It kept me warm during the winter and provided a sea of colors to help decorate my room during the warmer months.

This all started when I was a small child of 6 or 7 years old living in Angie, Louisiana. Neither my Great-Grandmother or my Mother were ever formally taught to sew. It just came naturally. And so I would watch as my Great-Grandmother (Mecellia Abrams), her two sisters (Aunt Sista and Aunt Weedie), and two of our family friends from down the road (Mama Sug and Mama Rhond) gathered to make quilts.

My first memory of quilting was waking up early one fall morning hearing talking from the next room. I popped out of bed and went in. There was my Great-Grandmother and her two sisters and our family friends. They had surrounded a large quilt that magically hung from the ceiling and were creating this field of color and patterns. I will never forget standing there and thinking, "how did they get that connected to the ceiling and when did they do it?"

Patchwork Quilts
I would make quilts for a relative's birthday or a new baby in the family. Each is designed from my heart, and no two quilts are exactly the same. They included moments from my past. Images or even pieces of fabric from clothing from a special place in my childhood memories. Let me do the same for you. Maybe you want to begin a family quilt to pass on to your children. Something that says "remember when..."

Specialty T-Shirt Quilts
Let me turn your old t-shirts into a keepsake quilt. You probably have t-shirts from your sorority, fraternity, family reunion, or church anniversaries. You may have t-shirts from vacations, the annual company pinic, and all the many activities your child has been involved in through the years. Don't throw them away, let me make them into a beautiful quilt that celebrates their life and yours.

Designs From the Hart
Houston, TX